Asbestos Removal

GLC Projects - North East Asbestos Removal Contractor

GLC Projects is a national asbestos removal contractor providing asbestos removal services in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We work directly for clients in advance of other works taking place, or as part of a wider demolition or refurbishment project. Our asbestos teams are fully trained asbestos removal professionals with many years’ experience – we work to the highest possible professional standards.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring fibrous silicate mineral. There are six types of asbestos, all of which are composed of long and thin fibrous crystals, each fibre being composed of many microscopic “fibrils” that can be released into the atmosphere by abrasion and other processes. Being exposed to asbestos fibres can cause serious and fatal health conditions including cancer.
Asbestos can be found in over 3500 products, used on the inside and outside of buildings. Some common types of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) include:
  • asbestos cement roof sheets and cladding panels
  • downpipes and gutting
  • boiler and pipe lagging
  • textured wall and ceiling coverings
  • fire blankets
  • floor tiles and acoustic boards
  • toilet cisterns and bath panels
  • damp proof courses
  • fuse boxes
  • safe linings

Why remove asbestos?

Buildings built after 2000 should not contain ACMs as it then became illegal to use asbestos in the UK. However ACMs were commonly used in the construction industry and in other household products before this. It is therefore important to have an asbestos survey carried out if you are occupying a building or planning to demolish or refurbish a building so that you can make the right steps to either contain and manage the asbestos, or remove and dispose of it correctly. GLC Projects can help with this using our fully trained team.

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