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GLC Projects Services

GLC Projects operate in all sectors including residential, commercial and industrial. Our skilled and experienced demolition and asbestos teams work nationwide across 4 key areas:

- Site clearance and softstrip
- Mechanical demolition and dismantling
- Material processing and waste removal
- Asbestos removal

GLC Projects uniformed waste collection teams also work through the North East. We collect household general waste; garden waste and rubble; furniture and office equipment; carpets and fixtures & fittings.

Site Clearance & Softstrip

GLC Projects offer efficient site clearance and soft stripping, which means that we are your one-stop-shop to get your property ready for a construction project.
Often carried out before demolition, a soft strip will leave just the shell of a building. Everything from walls and ceilings to fixtures and fittings will be removed. After the necessary surveys, we will determine the best soft stripping techniques to get your site demolition ready.
Once we have completed the site clearance, we leave your site clean and tidy ensuring that all hazards have been removed.
We are based in the North East of England and operate throughout the UK. Please contact us today and discuss your requirements. 

Mechanical Demolition & Dismantling

We offer all aspects of demolition & dismantling services ranging from major development projects to domestic single house builds.

We operate a comprehensive range of hydraulic excavators fitted with specialist demolition attachments to undertake the fast and efficient demolition of a variety of building types and sizes.

For smaller scale projects, or where a sympathetic approach is required due to site restrictions, we can also offer hand demolition and dismantling. We progressively demolish using hand tools reclaiming materials where possible.

Prior to any dismantling or Demolition works commencing, our specialist team will conduct a thorough assessment of site to identify any opportunities for asset recovery of redundant plant and, or equipment that may otherwise be scrapped.

Material processing & waste removal

We are ready to support your building project at every stage, from clearing up demolition spoils to removing rubbish prior to handover.

Our dedicated construction waste removal team are experienced in dealing with all kinds of construction waste from both large and small building sites. We can take a variety of construction waste, including any kind of wood, concrete, stone, brick, plaster, plasterboard, hardcore, soil, debris, green waste and earth as well as packaging materials such as metal, foam, plastic and insulation. We are also capable of clearing Hazardous Waste items such as paint and solvents.

Once we collect the construction waste from your site, we’ll normally take it back to our main depot where it will be sorted. Anything which can be reused is kept aside. We then do an initial disassembly if appropriate and send it to our network of recycling partners for final recycling or disposal.

GLC Projects asbestos removal

Asbestos removal

Our fully trained and insured asbestos removal teams have a vast experience in asbestos removal right across the UK.

Prior to any demolition works we ensure a Demolition and Refurbishment Asbestos Survey has been carried out. If this has not previously been undertaken, we will organise this using one of our trained and certified surveyors prior to us starting. If asbestos is identified, we will remove this under controlled conditions in accordance with current legislation – this includes for any works with both non-licensed asbestos removal and licensed asbestos removal.

Licensed Asbestos Removal work is considered the highest risk category in asbestos removal. When dealing with licensed asbestos removal it is vitally important that all work is properly planned, implemented, notified and completed to the Control of Asbestos Regulations. Our teams can assist with all removal work including removal of licensed materials such as thermal insulation, spray coating and asbestos insulating board.

Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal is considered to be a lower risk activity when undertaken properly. It still requires a considerable amount of planning, training, equipment, insurances and experience to safely undertake. We can assist with the removal of asbestos cement, textured coatings, floor tiles, textiles and a wide range of other non-licensed asbestos containing materials.

Waste Collection

GLC Projects uniformed waste collection teams work right across the North East. We collect the following waste:

  • Household general waste
  • Garden waste and rubble
  • Furniture, and office equipment
  • Carpets and fixtures & fittings

We work with both private individuals and commercial or business customers, offering the same high standards of customer care whatever the size of the job.

Our teams promise to turn up on time, work quickly and efficiently, and clean up after themselves so you’re not left with a mess. They can collect items from anywhere within your property (provided it is safe to do so), and they commit to recycling as much of the material as possible to minimise the amount going into landfill.

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